How Long Can I Collect Social Security Disability Benefits?

This is one of my favorite questions to answer.  I like it because it’s straightforward and more importantly, it’s good news!  Once you are approved for Social Security Disability benefits or Adult Supplemental Security Income benefits, your benefits are paid for life!  SSD and Adult SSI benefits are considered permanent disability benefits, therefore, they continue […]

Q&A –Options for Meeting with Christina Miller & Associates Disability Firm

Question:  Businesses in our county keep closing and opening.  Are you open for in person meetings? Answer:  Our office is required to follow the shelter in place orders that are set by the local and state government.  With that said, when we are allowed, we are meeting clients face to face in our Vacaville office.  […]

How Much Will I Get Per Month on SSI (Supplemental Security Income)?

Unlike Social Security Disability benefits which are paid based on what an individual has paid into Social Security, SSI benefits are paid based upon whatever the set rate is for the year.  To that set rate, an additional supplement may be added based on what state you live in.  In 2020, individuals collecting SSI in […]

New Film, “The Witches” Under Scrutiny from Multiple Disability Rights Groups

What is a story without a good villain?  Our heroes simply cannot personify courage and perseverance without a counter part that represents evil.  Right?  What is interesting is the fact that villains (at least in children’s stories) are always hideous and frightening.  Think about it.  Name a Disney movie where the villain is attractive with […]

Children’s Supplemental Security Income Benefits

How Does the SSA Determine if a Child is Disabled? The disability program within the Social Security Administration that provides benefits for disabled children is called the Supplemental Security Income program.  Eligibility for this program is determined by considering two distinct factors; financial need and severity of the disability.   Concerning the financial requirements, it is […]


Let’s assume you suffered a serious back injury at work.  You filed for worker’s compensation benefits and were unable to work for a year.  When you saw that the worker’s compensation benefits were running out and you remained unable to work, you filed for Social Security disability benefits.  Two appeals into the process of trying […]

How Do I Get Approved for Disability?

This is by far the most frequently asked question that I ever receive.  People often assume that there must be a magical medical condition or perhaps a special statement from their doctor that would green light their claim for disability benefits.  Unfortunately, I can attest to the fact that neither of these exist, with a […]

Happy 85th Birthday to Social Security!

Yes, you read that right.  85 years ago, today, President Franklin D. Roosevelt singed the Social Security Act into law.  President Roosevelt felt strongly that our country needed a social safety net that would provide income to elderly workers who could not continue earning a living after a lifetime of work.  Two years went by […]

Do I Need To Pay Taxes on My Social Security Disability Benefits?

When determining whether or not your disability benefits are taxable, there are several things to consider.  Generally speaking, disability benefits are excluded from being considered gross income.  However, they are included when calculating your combined income.  Combined income is what the IRS is looking at when determining whether or not taxes need to be paid. […]