Question:  Businesses in our county keep closing and opening.  Are you open for in person meetings?

Answer:  Our office is required to follow the shelter in place orders that are set by the local and state government.  With that said, when we are allowed, we are meeting clients face to face in our Vacaville office.  We are also making arrangements to meet clients face to face in Fairfield, CA, Vallejo, CA and surrounding cities as needed.   We ask that clients wear a face mask, and we will do the same.  Hand sanitizer is also provided.  We ensure that all surfaces and writing implements are sanitized between clients that visit our office.  While this is an option, we understand that most people are more comfortable with a virtual or by phone meeting during this time.  As such, we always offer that option.

Question:  If I would like a virtual meeting but I do not know how to set that up, can you help me?

Answer:  Absolutely.  If you have an IPhone, we can arrange a meeting via FaceTime.  FaceTime is an application that is typically automatically installed on an Phone.  In order to use this feature, all you need to do is “accept” or answer a FaceTime call from our office.  You will be able to see and hear us just like if we were sitting in front of you.  We can see and hear you, too. 

If you do not have an IPhone, there are other options for a virtual meeting.  The most frequently used choice is Zoom.  We can help you download the Zoom application onto your tablet, computer, laptop or smart phone.  Once that is done, we can walk you through the steps to enter a secure meeting with us.  It’s just a matter of clicking on a text or email invitation that we send you.  When the meeting is over, you disconnect from the call and the application closes.  Applications such as FaceTime and Zoom make meeting folks in Fairfield, Vallejo and surrounding areas very easy.

Question: What if I am not comfortable with a virtual meeting.  Do you have another option?

Answer:  Yes.  Many clients prefer to meet with a telephone call and that is perfectly fine.  We can conduct any business that is necessary via telephone.  If you need our help to contact the SSA or some other entity, we have the ability to make conference calls and thus we can be with you every step of the way.

Question:  What are my options for communicating with the firm?

Answer:  We pride ourselves on making communication with our office efficient, seamless and easy.  We accept telephone calls and text messages during business hours.  We always accept emails, faxes and mail.  While we cannot guarantee an answer to an email or fax after business hours, we are often working late and have been known to respond well after closing.  So, whatever method is most comfortable for you to communicate with us works for us!