Social Security Disability

Navigating the pocess of filing for Social Security Disability benefits can be extremely complex and time consuming.   It is estimated that over 75% of applications are denied.  There are strict deadlines and rules that must be followed to ensure that your claim is processed and approved in a timely manner.  I take as much stress out of this process as possible.  Generally speaking, I do this in several ways:

  1. The No Fee Guarantee:  In most situations, I only get paid if I win your case. 
  1. No Upfront Payment: Generally speaking, I do not seek any upfront payment from you.  In most situations, my fee is paid to me directly by the SSA out of your past due benefits.  Most of my clients do not ever receive a bill from us.
  1. I handle the paperwork: Unlike some firms, I do not send you away with piles of forms to complete on your own.  Some forms can be completed and submitted by my office.  The forms that require your input are completed with me, in my office or by telephone.  You are guided and protected every step of the way.
  1. I watch the deadlines and statutes:  Deadlines and statutes are tricky.  Some are as short as 10 days!  It is my responsibility to watch those deadlines and take the necessary actions.
  1. I prepare your case for appeal and/or hearing: The necessary evidence needs to be compiled and submitted to the SSA in a timely fashion.   Appeals must also be filed in strict timeframes.   
  1. I work with your doctors to get the evidence that is needed: I work to help you obtain the medical, educational and/or employment records that are vitally important to your case.  In some situations, I will seek specific information from your doctors, as needed.
  1. I may hire experts to prove our claim: I have the resources to hire vocational and similar experts, when necessary.
  1. I am here for you long after my work is done: I pride myself on being a resource to my clients and the greater community.  When questions or concerns arise, I will make time for a telephone call or welcome you back into the office for a chat.     

Please note that the above are general statements that do not apply to every claim and/or situation.  Contact me for a free consultation so that we can discuss your specific situation and how I may be able to help.

Supplemental Security Income

A claim for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits comes with some specific challenges.   If your disability did not begin during a period when you were insured for Social Security Disability benefits, then you may need to meet specific disability and financial requirements to qualify for SSI.  It can be important to do a thorough income and asset analysis to determine eligibility before starting the process.  It is also important to understand how other benefits that you are receiving may impact your eligibility for SSI or your SSI benefit rate (and vice versa).  Some folks are eligible for both SSDI and SSI benefits.  I work to investigate eligibility for both types of claims and sometimes pursue both, if appropriate. 

If you have questions concerning SSI benefits, contact me for a free, no-obligation consultation.